Writhing Cascades

Writhing Cascades

Writhing Cascades is the seventh stage. Its bosses are Waterio and the Steam Wizard. The stage's main element is water and air. Best Armor to use against this Level would be Stone/Air for bonus against Water AND Air followed by mono Air or Mono Stone



Enemy Normal Attack Special Attack
Water SpiritWater smallWater Shards x0/2Water Shards x2
Air SpiritAir smallAir Shards x0/2Air Shards x2
Water WizardWater smallWater Shards x0/2Water Shards x2
Trident FishWater smallChunks of Coral x0/2Chunks of Coral x2
Waterio Water smallAir small?? x?
?? x?
Typhoon Gems x2
Chunks of Coral x3

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