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Relic RuinsEdit


Relic ruins

Elements: Earth, Water (Honor and Epic)

Boss: Earthquake Serpent, Gorgon Warmistress (Honor and Epic)

+Earth Knight

Heroic Sub-Boss: Gremlin Battlesuit

Heroic Boss: Gremlin Forgemaster

Thieves CoveEdit


Thieves Cove

Elements: Water, Air

Boss: Water Elemental, Waterio (Honor and Epic)

+Water Knight

Heroic Sub-Boss: Sirens

Heroic Boss: King Crab

Skeletons TombEdit


Skeletons Tomb

Elements: Water, Earth, Spirit

Boss: Titania, Chimera (Honor and Epic)

Heroic Sub-Boss: Ten-Ton Skeleton

Heroic Boss: Bone Dragon

Flaming WildwoodEdit


Flaming Wildwood

Elements: Fire, Spirit (Honor and Epic)

Boss: Crimson Dragon, Phoenix (Honor and Epic)

+Fire Knight

Heroic Sub-Boss: Flamegem Construct

Heroic Boss: Deva

Cold Rock CragsEdit


Cold Rock Crags

Elements: Air, Water (Honor and Epic)

Boss: Mighty Mammoth Rider, Frost Giant (Honor and Epic)

+Air Knight

Heroic Sub-Boss: Frost Giant

Heroic Boss: Sasquatch

Faerie ForestEdit


Faerie Forest

Elements: Spirit, Earth (Valor, Honor, and Epic)

Boss: Titania, Satyr (Valor, Honor, and Epic)

+Spirit Knight

Heroic Sub-Boss: Faerie Dragon Swarm

Heroic Boss: Hippolyta the Huntress

Writhing CascadesEdit


Writhing Cascade

Elements: Air, Water, Spirit

Boss: Waterio, Steam Wizard (Honor and Epic)

Heroic Sub-Boss: Hydromancer

Heroic Boss: Cumulo Nimboss

Guardian's CrossingEdit


Guardian's Crossing

Elements: Earth, Fire, Air

Boss: Cockatrice

Heroic Sub-Boss: Jackalope Dragon

Heroic Boss: Beringar

Sparkling SteppesEdit


Sparkling Steppes

Elements: Earth, Air, Spirit

Boss: Chimera

Heroic Sub-Boss: Satyr

Heroic Boss: Circe

Blazing TidesEdit


Blazing Tides

Elements: Fire, Air, Spirit

Boss: Hydra (Normal), Gremlin Forgemaster (Mighty), Flamegem Construct (Epic) Phoenix

Heroic Sub-Boss: Efreet

Heroic Boss: Ember Lizard

Caballero DesertEdit


Caballero Desert

Elements: Fire, Earth, Water

Boss: Hydra, Twin Jian (Valor)

Heroic Sub-Boss: Steam Wizard

Heroic Boss: Twin Jian

Sunken CarrackEdit

Sunken Carrack

Sunken Carrack

Elements: Water, Spirit, Air

Boss: Ghostbeard the Pirate

Heroic Sub-Boss: Dragon Tortoise

Heroic Boss: Admiral Hateheart

Misty MarshEdit

Misty Marsh

Misty Marsh

Elements: Earth, Spirit, Water

Boss: Swamp Kraken

Heroic Sub-Boss: Varuna, Asura Lord

Heroic Boss: Slimelord Glorg

Zephyr PlateauEdit

Zephyr Plateau

Zephyr Plateau

Elements: Air, Spirit, Fire

Boss: The Roc God

Heroic Sub-Boss: Horrible Wing-Wurm

Heroic Boss: Storm Elemental

Haunted CitadelEdit

Haunted Citadel

Haunted Citadel

Elements: Earth, Fire, Air

Boss: Cerberus

Heroic Sub-Boss: Banshee

Heroic Boss: Ice Lich

Kingdom of DarknessEdit

Kingdom of darkness

Kingdom of Darkness as shown on map

Elements: All

Boss: [Nerezza, The Assassin] (Normal), [Dorar the Fallen] (Mighty), [Wandering Flame] (Valor), [Ancient Dragon Phyrus] (Honor), Prince of Darkness (Epic)

Each battle in the Kingdom of Darkness contains minions and a boss from one of the other map areas.  The Prince of Darkness himself appears as the final boss in the Epic stage.

Heroic Sub-Boss: Nerezza, The Assassin

Heroic Boss, Stage 1: Bone Dragon (SB: Gremlin Battlesuit)

Heroic Boss, Stage 2: Deva (SB: Ten-Ton Skeleton)

Heroic Boss, Stage 3: Ember Lizard (SB: Flamegem Construct)

Heroic Boss, Stage 4: Slimelord Glorg (SB: Efreet)

Heroic Boss, Stage 5: Ice Lich (SB: Banshee)

Heroic Boss, Stage 6: Dorar the Fallen

The teams mentioned below are suggested for getting through the Kingdom of Darkness on Heroic Mode. The goal with using these teams is to make sure you beat Slimelord Glorg in Round 4. After you recover, the teams will easily be able to beat Ice Lich and Dorar. If you have a good Fire/Spirit main, make it your main knight. Otherwise, you should make the third knight in the line-up your main knight.

Suggested Heroic Team (5 Knights): Fire/Spirit, Fire/Water, Fire/Water or Water, Water, Water/Spirit

Suggested Heroic Team (4 Knights): Fire/Spirit, Fire/Water, Water or Fire/Water, Water/Spirit or Spirit

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