Wicked Winter Wonderland

Wicked Winter Wonderland is an Epic Boss Collection event that began on the December 1st, 2015 and ended on the December 29th, 2015. If players craft and keep all four Epic Armors in their inventory, they can receive the rewards outlined below. Only the Plus (+) versions are needed for the rewards.


Sugarplum -> Frosted Faeplate

Pine Ent -> Illuminated Yulegear

Deadmouse -> Royal Mousegarb

The Nutcracker -> Nutcracker's Vengeance

Rewards Edit

  • Keep All 4 Regular Armors: 2 Winter Keys and a Yuletide Cape
  • Keep All 4 + Armors: 3 Winter Keys and a Glacial Regalia+
  • NOTE: Winter Keys open Champion's Chest only, instead of the current Dragonforged Chest.

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