War of Kings is a guild war running from December 26th - December 29th.

This is the first war that top guilds receive a Starmetal Armor.

War of Kings

War of Kings banner




Guild Rank

Black Medal 1 Bronze Chromatic Mantle+, 20 Spirit Fusion Boost Armor, 3 Winter Keys, 100 Gems
Gold Medal 2 Bronze Chromatic Mantle , 15 Spirit Fusion Boost Armor, 3 Winter Keys, 80 Gems
Silver Medal 3 Bronze Chromatic Mantle, 12 Spirit Fusion Boost Armor, 2 Winter Keys, 60 Gems
Bronze Medal 4-10 Bronze Chromatic Mantle, 9 Spirit Fusion Boost ArmorWinter Key, 50 Gems
Ribbon A 11-25 Ravenlord's Mantle+, 7 Spirit Fusion Boost ArmorWinter Key, 500,000 Gold
Ribbon B 26-50 Ravenlord's Mantle+, 5 Spirit Fusion Boost Armor,  Winter Key, 400,000 Gold
Ribbon C 51-100 Ravenlord's Mantle, 3 Spirit Fusion Boost Armor,  Winter Key, 400,000 Gold
Ribbon D 101-250 Ravenlord's Mantle, 9 Roc FeathersWinter Key, 400,000 Gold
Ribbon E 251-500 Ravenlord's Mantle, 6 Roc Feathers, 400,000 Gold
Ribbon F 501-750 Rocfeather Robes+, 3 Roc Feathers, 350,000 Gold
Ribbon G 751-1000 Rocfeather Robes+, 3 Roc Feathers, 300,000 Gold
Ribbon H 1001-1500 Rocfeather Robes, 3 Roc Feathers, 250,000 Gold
Ribbon I 1501-2500 Rocfeather Robes, 2 Roc Feathers, 200,000 Gold
Ribbon J 2501-3500 Rocfeather Robes, 2 Roc Feathers
Ribbon K 3501-5000 Roc Feathers, 75,000 Gold
Ribbon L 5001-6500 Roc Feathers, 50,000 Gold
Ribbon M 6501-8000 Roc Feathers, 25,000 Gold

This is the first Guild War that has been immediately after the reward period of the previous War

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