Vaporous Scalemail
Vaporous scalemail
Rarity Dragonforged-1 Dragonforged
Elements WaterFire
Maximum level 105
Craftable No
Fusable Yes
Level to unlock plus n / a
Evolution levels 20 & 50
Match No match
Enhancement points 180 150
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials n / a
Regular Attack trans 1791 +10 Attack trans 2831 Materials found from n / a
Defense trans 1837 +11 Defense trans 2981 Materials location n / a
Plus Attack trans 1971 +12 Attack trans 3219 Crafting cost n / a
Defense trans 2021 +13 Defense trans 3373 Crafting time n / a
Plus+ Attack trans ? +? Attack trans ?
Defense trans ? +? Defense trans ?


The Vaporous Scalemail is a Water/Fire Dragonforged Armor released in the Vapor Chest on February 4th, 2016. It is effective against Fire/Spirit armors, but ineffective against Air/Water armors.

This Set Bonus for the Regular version is 270/180/26 and the Set Bonus for the Plus version is 450/300/43 (Att/Def/HP). The Set (Vaporous Dragoon) is the Vaporous Coil (Ring - Fire) and the Vaporous Scale (Amulet - Water).

How to ObtainEdit