I've never written any blog or something, but I'll try

Heya, I'm Zalmneusje!

I am playing this game for like umm... more than half a year now? Since Deva EB iirc! I've completed the whole game and I am lvl 202, I don't really bother leveling but sometimes I clear the KoD Epic stage for 3* armor materials...I own 3 epics (Mael, Arborsteel and Blazebourne) which I all got by fusion, and I've fused a lot! 

Actually, I don't do really much in the game, I do the epic boss for his armors, fight the arena for some free gems and I own the guild White Wings!

White Wings is more than a guild, we are a group of friends! We are communicating through line, especially during guildwars! We reach #200-300 usually, at the last 3 day guild war we reached #201 without using much gems :)

At the moment I am also saving up some keys! I've got almost 400 now, and I'll update my blog when I decide to open my keys!

Oh yeah, I am playing at Android :)

That's it for now, if you have any questions post on my wall or hit me up on Line: Zalmneusje

PS: White Wings is recruiting, you just need to be level 70+, be active and have Line! 

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