Hello, I am a new guy here, but I am not new for KnD, so I have experienced some time in KnD from Corvus, til now, anyway, I have opened lots of chance chests( most of them were the epic chests like the arcane and shark chests ), as I was saying I opened lots of chance chests, I didn't get ANY legendary or epic armors, I only got super rares and ultra rares, the only way I have legendary armors is epic bosses and fusion, I was lucky combining Swamp Shaman Robes and Roc Feather, and got the battle suit remnants, the 5th worst legendary armor -__- and over that, it is mono -__- I thought of getting a non-craftable armor, an epic armor, guardian battlegear, at least some good armors, so I think you can edit the chance chests of dark prince to mathRandom(mathFloor() {}); to a higher percentage of getting epic cuz in some small time u r losing most of ur players, and also, increase the chance of getting an epic from fusion.. And maybe u can add more areas ? Higher chance of getting items for crafting those armors in the armor smith that has their pieces only got from the enhanced chest, for now I opened more than 40 enhanced chests, got 10 star metal fragments, chimera talons, evil jewels, Phoenix feathers, some bullshits, and the daily reward in the 2nd day of 250 gold is really an insult -__- make a new notification about guild chat, whenever someone sends a message, get a notification about it... Update the game to reduce the bugs, I really love this game and I want it to be still good, thanks for reading !!