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October 7, 2014
  • WR Ziad

    Hello, I am a new guy here, but I am not new for KnD, so I have experienced some time in KnD from Corvus, til now, anyway, I have opened lots of chance chests( most of them were the epic chests like the arcane and shark chests ), as I was saying I opened lots of chance chests, I didn't get ANY legendary or epic armors, I only got super rares and ultra rares, the only way I have legendary armors is epic bosses and fusion, I was lucky combining Swamp Shaman Robes and Roc Feather, and got the battle suit remnants, the 5th worst legendary armor -__- and over that, it is mono -__- I thought of getting a non-craftable armor, an epic armor, guardian battlegear, at least some good armors, so I think you can edit the chance chests of dark prince to…

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