• Volah

    Tip for Arena

    December 12, 2013 by Volah

    Hey guys,

    I don't know if someone noclticed it already but here is what I noticed:

    I was just fighting in the new arena when my killstreak timer went down to one minute left. After i fought i noticed the timer for the killstreak went up to 10 minutes again without reseting my killstreak.

    So here is the tip:

    Wait until you have full arena energy, then fight your first time. After that it will take 25 minutes to regain that one arena point. But before the 10 minutes of your killstreak are down to zero, you fight again so that you have again 10 minutes at your killstreak timer. If you did this 2 times and wait another 5 minutes, you will gain one arena energy. 

    So you are having a streak of 2 wins now and you got 4 arena energy. If you win all you…

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