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Bad Days in Knights and Dragons: Rise of the Dark Prince

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Some unlucky things sometimes happen to me when I'm playing this game.

  1. I'm about to kill the Hydra, but I miss when I'm about to get the final hit, and it power attacks my last guy.
  2. While I was fighting the Hannibal Half-Dragon, my game crashes, saying that I have done no damage to it, and I lost my epic energy.
  3. I keep on missing when I fight people in the arena.
  4. I got power attacked by the Hydra 3 times in a row.
  5. I keep on getting spammed friend requests when I get to silver medal or bronze or what-so-ever.
  6. Only 1 person, through friend requests, have added me through code.
  7. In the arena, I keep on finding people that have lower level armor that I have, but they have a higher level, so they do more damage, sometimes even 30 more damage.
  8. I lost nearly 300,000 gold just to upgrade my Half-Dragon Warrior's armor from level 25 to 35.

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