I have been addicted to this game for over a year now. I've reached level 150 now on Android and I'm having a blast with my guild and friends.

Improved Daily Rewards

I think there is a lot of room for improvement. My first idea is to reward loyal players that log in and play every day . Because the 250 gold bonus + key for the silver chest rewards we recieve now are nothing. Here is one of my ideas: better daily rewards (you have to log in every day to get the reward, if you miss a day, the timer resets)

Day Reward
Monday 25k gold + enchanted chest key
Tuesday 2 gems + Rare armor
Wednesday 50k gold + 2 enchanted chest keys
Thursday 5 gems + Super Rare armor
Friday 50k gold + 1 Dark Prince's Chest key
Saturday +2 arena energy + 2 Dark Prince's Chest key
Sunday 10 gems + Ultra Rare armor

Secondly, i've been thinking of more options to win legendary/epic gear for every player (and not by using hundreds of gems) 

A Weekly lottery

For 50k gold you can buy a ticket, maximum of 3 tickets for each player. You can buy up to six with gems (5 gems for the 4th one, 10 gems for the 5th one and 15 gems for the 6th one) Your tickets all have a unique code.

Every Saturday the winners are picked. As for rewards, you could think of the rewards system that they use for the Guild War and Arena. Since there are so many players nowadays, it think it is possible to add another 3 epics to game every week.

Jackpot: a Guild War reward epic armor + version, 24 fusion boost armors , 20 fusion stones and 100 gems.

2nd: A non Guild War reward epic armor + version, 20 fusion boost armors , 15 fusion stones and 80 gems

3rd: A non Guild War reward epic armor, 18 fusion boost armors , 12 fusion stones and 60 gems

4-10: A legendary armor + version, 15 fusion boost armors , 10 fusion stones and 40 gems

11-50: A legendary armor, 12 fusion boost armors , 8 fusion stones and 35 gems

etc. etc. etc.

Random Events

My third idea is to create some more events (besides Guild War) for you as a individual and for your guild (For example The Great Old One). I really liked the idea of The Great Old One.

You could have missions for your guild to gather 1000 Snakeskin Leather , 1000 Ghostly Beard Hairs and 1000 Infernal Iron Chunks to create a special armor for every member in the guild. Something like that.

Tell me what you think about my ideas. 

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