Birthday fusion2014

Happy Birthday fusion

Birthday tect fusion201405

Birthday gift tect fusion

When I was introduced to KaD almost a year ago I loved the game! This wiki has been very helpful! I continue to play daily and enjoy the interaction with other players. Just reading some of the posts on this wiki makes me laugh. I have so far fused the following in this order::: 1- moontide 2- blaze 3- maelstrom 4-Northernor 5-forgestone 6-Druidic 7-tectonic. -- Now -- the sad part. Not all on the same account as I have 3. But it just shows fusion does work just keep trying. My hobby is building armor.

Again Happy Birthday. I have many names including Little Ms Lo and NiteMare and fusion is my game !!--STORMYJACKMAN 15:31, May 14, 2014 (UTC)]

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