The following assumes plenty boss+ armors and maybe a few older fusable epics, which result in, on the first few locations, knight 1 tanking about the first 4-5 screens and knight 2 finishing the run. Against the minions/mini bosses, you want to not be weak and being strong doesn't matter, while against the boss you want to non be weak and want to be 1 or 2 times strong. You encounter fewer minibosses than regular minions and their difference in damage is small, so if you can't be non-weak against all, focus on being non-weak to minions for the 1st knight. Also for the 1st knight, the more defensive the armor the better.

More to be added later.

location knight 1 good knight 1 OK knight 2 good knight 2 OK knight 3 good knight 3 OK
Relic Ruins anything without air spirit, spirit/earth, spirit/water, spirit/fire
Thieves Cove anything without fire air, air/water, air/spirit, air/earth
Skeletons Tomb water, spirit, water/spirit earth, water/earth, spirit/earth fire, fire/spirit, fire/air
Flaming Wildwood anything without spirit water/fire water, fire, water/air, fire/air
Cold Rock Crags anything without water or fire anything without water spirit, spirit/air, spirit/earth (maybe spirit/fire) spirit/water
Faerie Forest anything without earth or water anything without earth fire/spirit fire, spirit, fire/air, spirit/air (maybe fire/water, spirit/water)
Writhing Cascades
Guardian's Crossing
Sparkling Steppes

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