Info on Templates: lists as far as I can see the following custom templates: - with its documentation: for making Armor infoboxes and: for inserting gold stars?!?...

Different Armor pages seem to be all over the place w.r.t. using the template, copy-pasting some of the template, not having an infobox at all or not having their own page but being part of a larger page... :(

Assuming we want seperate pages for all armors and templates to make it better maintainable:

Do we want numbers for each level like at or do we want: base attack, base defense, attack per level, defense per level, max level? (I'm assuming here "per level" is a constant; if it isn't, then the first is of course the way to go.)

Edit: yep, per level is constant.  See   

which links to:

The current Template:Infobox_Armor lists "Evolution 1" and "Evolution 2". Even though they aren't flagged like that, based on I'm assuming they are meant to refer to the 2 evolution images?


  • come up with an agreement on how Template:Infobox_Armor should be adjusted and make those adjustments
  • convert all armor pages to use that template

My own gut feeling on tweaking that template:

  • use a name that stands out between the default templates, for ex: Template:KnD_Infobox_Armor
  • Element -> "Element 1" (see if that can be a link to the Elements page)
  • add "Element 2" in an #if construction, so it doesn't show on mono element pages (putting both elements on 1 line is IMHO a bit ugly/prone to many different separators, such as "Fire + Water", "Fire, Water", "Fire/Water"etc.)
  1. if image construction for Evolution 1 and 2 (assuming it indeed refers to the evolution images)
  • add "Rarity" (maybe see if it can auto-link to the armor categories? maybe see if it can be programmed to add the correct stars? {rarity}.png ?)
  • add "Attack per level", "Defense per level", "Maximum level" (maybe auto-fill that last one based on rarity?)
  • add "Cost to create", "Materials" (no idea if you could make that link to a "materials page"/page per material)

Armor pages and categories: Oh boy... There's: linking to:

(Common: bronze, uncommon: silver)

(Uncommon, Uncommon+: silver)

(Rare: 1 gold)

(UltraRare, UltraRare+: 3 gold)

(super rare: 2 gold, Legendary, Legendary+: 4 gold? Some do not have #stars listed...)

I'm guessing at some point it the future most of those pages will have their armor stats migrated to seperate pages for each armor, ending up with just the generic/shared info and links to the different armor pages? (High probability fusion results?)

And category:

(I myself have been working on adding the 6 different rarities as sub-categories of the armors category to organize it a bit...)

  • Some* armors already have their own pages, but most of those haven't yet been correctly linked to categories and haven't had their info replaced by a link on those list pages mentined above.

The ones I could find on a quick search (kind of also a TODO/to check list for myself. ;) )

I guess we can kind of check against --LINK REMOVED-- to see which percentage we already have...

I guess a page like "Basic_Fire_Armor" should hold both "Basic Fire Armor" and "Basic Fire Armor+"? (just put the template on the page twice?)

Should maybe element categories also be added (Air/Earth/Spirit/Fire/Water Armors categories) or would that be overkill?

More ranting on weird categories, links etc. in a next blog post.

But for the active contributors,

are useful pages to browse through and act upon once in a while...

(I hate wiki formatting...) SDMarukokun (talk) 16:30, June 29, 2013 (UTC)

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