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June 28, 2013
  • SDMarukokun

    I'm starting a bit of research on rings and amulets, since information seems to be severely lacking...

    I've started by putting the level 1 stats of the 1000+ rings and amulets that I now have on my 3 account after using 1000+ keys on each of them into a spreadsheet. Preliminary thoughts:

    • all those prefixes and suffixes are a load of BS; they all give exactly the same values
    • for each tier of ring/amulet, the mono-type level 1s seem to pick from 4, 5 or 6 values for attack or defense and for health
    • I've seen enough exact double stats for dual-types, that I suspect that those level 1s also pick a total value from a list and then pick from a few options how to split that total...
    • both rings and amulets seem to pick from the same values lists per t…

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  • SDMarukokun

    armors vs Heroic mode

    November 23, 2014 by SDMarukokun

    The following assumes plenty boss+ armors and maybe a few older fusable epics, which result in, on the first few locations, knight 1 tanking about the first 4-5 screens and knight 2 finishing the run. Against the minions/mini bosses, you want to not be weak and being strong doesn't matter, while against the boss you want to non be weak and want to be 1 or 2 times strong. You encounter fewer minibosses than regular minions and their difference in damage is small, so if you can't be non-weak against all, focus on being non-weak to minions for the 1st knight. Also for the 1st knight, the more defensive the armor the better.

    More to be added later.

    location knight 1 good knight 1 OK knight 2 good knight 2 OK knight 3 good knight 3 OK

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  • SDMarukokun

    Info on Templates:

    • lists as far as I can see the following custom templates: - with its documentation: for making Armor infoboxes and: for inserting gold stars?!?...

    Different Armor pages seem to be all over the place w.r.t. using the template, copy-pasting some of the template, not having an infobox at all or not having their own page but being part of a larger page... :(

    Assuming we want s…

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