Seriously what the hell is going on with these guild war?

A new one announced the second the collection period ends is just ridiculous. Hopefully GREE is just rushing to get everything done they had planned for the holidays and this doesn't become a trend. If it does become a permanent thing then a lot of the top guild, like the Rainbow people and Death Knights, are going to back out because they can't keep up with it. And to add on to this shit-storm, the rewards are garbage. Most people who would be in a guild capable of getting ribbon E-A already have Ravenlord or Ravenlord+. Ravenlord is a terrible armor to boot, it cannot take a hit. Ravenlord was actually the first EB+ armor i got so I'm proud of it but i would never actually use it. It could survive, at most, 2 hits in the higher level arena battle. Most  guilds have thrown in the tower for this GW because there is no point to try.

Some improvements should be made to the current GW system if GREE ever decides to focus on the game rather than the money. Some ideas I had:

-Have a GW where you can't spend gems

-Implement a system where the top 10 guilds from last war cannot spend gems in the next war. (Although this could easily be bypassed by having a secondary guild)

-Better rewards. Especially for the lower tiers so weaker guild actually have some incentive to join in.

GREE will continue to make BANK off this game even if they gave everyone 3 epics for free. It's just that addicting of a game. They really do need to focus on the gameplay and stop being blinded by the piles of money Rainbow Room has thrown at them.

      ~Knight Artorias

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