2014-01-01-17-36-25 Yay
2014-01-01-17-36-48 5 more keys! I am going to be rich! And so powerful. ^_^
2014-01-01-17-37-03 And Aegis of the Dragon + :)
2014-01-01-17-37-20 Thank you. I am very pleased.
2014-01-01-17-38-00 I have 8 winter keys now. Let's see, which one do I want? Northerner's? Not bad. Bronze Chromatic? Yes please.
2014-01-01-17-38-14 There we go. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I am so excited.
2014-01-01-17-39-04 Whut? :(
2014-01-01-17-39-23 Wtf? Do you know how much work this took?
Hunter's Garb is by far the most ridiculous looking armor in the game. And it is almost as strong as Spectral Captain's Uniform. I regularly use better armors than this for enhancing others.
Hunter's Garb Level 1 Unenhanced it looks like a Japanese in his underwear. Not bad, considering...
Hunters garb what it looks like in the final evolution. This guy did some serious new years partying. That's for sure. Boy, does he have a hangover. And how on earth did he come to wear his grandmom's dress? There are no good pictures of it on the wiki. Nobody in his right mind will go through the trouble of enhancing this one. Well, I just may. Later. Just to see how ridiculous it really looks.
Help me remember to never spend any money on chest keys of any sort in K&D. Ah never mind. I won't forget that.

Happy New Year Everybody

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