Sometimes you find something at the gates of hell. And you have to decide: should I push it in or drag it away?

What if a wiki page is up for deletion for good reason but you want to keep the contents available for people to read? There is always the blog...

In this case the wiki page Spending money on Gree games in an earlier version posted by Tollerach in August 2013. Now, in November 2013, the page is nominated for deletion. With good reason.

I agree the contents should not be on a wiki page about K&D. But they can have a place on a blog. My blog for instance. I do not necessarily agree with the contents, in fact I never heard of Driland before. But that is exactly the reason why I found the information informative enough to forward it. Usually it is not wise to just copy the information of a wiki page into another page on the same wiki. It is the most secure way of creating duplicate information and making an unmanageable mess of things. But in this case the original content will vanish. So a copy is the only way forward. Here is the original content of the page as it was on August 22, 2013:

Spending Money on Gree Games

by Tollerach.

For people who are spending real money on Knights and Dragons (a Gree game): you have to watch out...

Gree just shut down one of its most popular game Driland in America. Driland was released in America roughly one year ago due to its success in the Japan market. It basically replicated the same success in America and thousands of players were addicted to this game. It is a card trading RPG, in which players use hunter cards for adventure, fighting dire monster for rewards and PVP. Hunter cards can be enhanced by merging and can be traded. Of course they can be bought via card box. Sounds familiar? Just like the armor and chance chest in Knights and Dragons. Players poured in hundreds of dollars just to get some very strong hunter cards and Gree released even stronger and more powerful cards very two weeks or so.

However at the beginning of July, Gree stopped updating new dire monster event (similar to epic boss in this game) and after two weeks Gree anounced that driland will be closed down at the end of August. All accounts, including hunter cards will be de-activated. That means all the purchases players have made, all the time players have invested in the game, are for nothing! And there are no reasons given why the game cannot continue. It shows how vunerable game players are when facing a game producer like Gree.

So here is my warning: what Gree did to Driland, it may do the same to Knights and Dragons some day. I played Driland and spent money to purchase hunter cards. I am still playing Knights and Dragons. But after what Gree did for the Driland community, I will not spend any money in this game. And I urge players of Knights and Dragons do the same, for it will minimize the damage done to you when Gree close down this game for no reasons.

Good luck!

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