If you fight the Epic Boss it matters how many knights you choose in your line up. Every knight more than 1 you put in your line up adds 25% damage bonus to all knights. This damage bonus is not multiplied but added. If you fight with 1 knight your damage bonus is 0 and the Damage Bonus Factor is 1. If you fight with 2 knights the damage bonus is 25% and the damage bonus factor is 1.25. If you fight with 3 knights the damage bonus factor is 1.5, and so on. The damage bonus increases the hit strength of your knights. The hit strength of your knight is multiplied with the damage bonus factor. If you fight with 3 knights each knight does 50% more damage to the Epic Boss (counted in health points) with each hit it gives. The damage the Epic Boss does to your knights is not affected. The maximum number of knights in your line up per battle is 5: 3 knights of your own and 2 hired friends.

The maximum amount of damage you can do to the Epic Boss is limited by the available Epic Energy (EE). Epic Energy is added once every 25 minutes and maxes at 10. So if you want to do maximal damage to the Epic Boss you wait till the Epic Energy reaches 10, then you start the fight by playing 1 or more storyline levels. From the moment it opens you have 120 minutes to beat it. If you fight the Boss the first time as soon as you opened you will allow the EE to regenerate maximally. Before the timer runs out you may have regained 4 EE, with a maximum total of 10. That makes the maximum EE available to you to beat the Epic Boss once (if you don't buy extra) is 14.

Forming Your Team

Every knight you add to your line up costs EE. The maximum damage you can do to the EB requires 8 knights, divided over 2 fights.

So far I did not tell a lot of new things. Most of what I said above is or seems obvious to even moderately experienced players. It is less obvious how you should divide the knights you want to use over your line ups if you need a 2nd fight against the EB. What will gain you those last damage points that make you beat the EB? Fighting the 1st battle with 5 knights and the 2nd with 3? or is it smarter to divide them evenly and choose 4 knights in each battle?

Somebody put a calculation on the Bosses page, showing that on average a 5-3 system is better. But then somebody else commented that not all knights are equal and there may be cases where not using a weak 5th knight may actually be advantageous. I edited both statements as if I agreed with them (providing the 1st statement with a restriction If the knights are of similar strength). I did that because I think both editors are right.

What if the knights are not of similar strength? To find that out the scheme given by the editor of the is not detailed enough. We need to look at what actually happens when you decide to use a 5-3 or a 4-4 system.

  1. You will not remove or add your strongest armors. Most probably your main knight and hired friends will be part of both line ups.
  2. You will hire different friends in the 2nd battle. You have to. The effect of strength differences between hired friends is ignored here. It would add bias toward the 5-3 system, because you can hire the stronger friends in the 5 team and the weaker in the 3 team, adding a bit of extra hit strength to the total.
  3. most probably you will have to choose how to deploy your secondary knights. Do you have to use 2 secondary knights in the 1st battle, or 1 in each battle.

The following tables show how the damage bonus affects the strength of the 5 knights you have available to put in your line up. For ease of use I assume friend #1 in the 1st battle is equivalent to friend #1 in the 2nd battle. For comparison I assume that the line up exists of 5 knights minus the ones we do not deploy this time. because the 1st knights in the line up are the ones we have to decide how to use knights #1 and #2 will be shown in all line ups, but receive a Damage Bonus factor of 0 if not deployed.

Table 1: 5 - 3 system
Knight # Battle 1 Battle 2 Total
1 2 0 2
2 2 0 2
3 2 1.5 3.5
4 2 1.5 3.5
5 2 1.5 3.5
Table 2: 4 - 4 system
Knight # Battle 1 Battle 2 Total
1 0 0 0
2 1.75 1.75 3.5
3 1.75 1.75 3.5
4 1.75 1.75 3.5
5 1.75 1.75 3.5
Table 3: totals
Knight # 5 - 3 4 - 4 Difference
1 2 0 2
2 2 3.5 -1.5
3 3.5 3.5 0
4 3.5 3.5 0
5 3.5 3.5 0

As you see for most knights the total damage to the EB is unaffected. That makes things a lot easier.

If you use 4 - 4 instead of a 5 - 3 line up, 2x the strength of your 1st knight is removed and you get 1.5x the strength of your 2nd knight in return. That is a good deal if 1.5x your 2nd knight is better than 2x your 1st knight.


If the knight you add is 4/3 or more the strength of the knight you remove, it is advantageous to use a 4 - 4 line up. 
Else it is best to use a 5 - 3 line up.

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