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    If you fight the Epic Boss it matters how many knights you choose in your line up. Every knight more than 1 you put in your line up adds 25% damage bonus to all knights. This damage bonus is not multiplied but added. If you fight with 1 knight your damage bonus is 0 and the Damage Bonus Factor is 1. If you fight with 2 knights the damage bonus is 25% and the damage bonus factor is 1.25. If you fight with 3 knights the damage bonus factor is 1.5, and so on. The damage bonus increases the hit strength of your knights. The hit strength of your knight is multiplied with the damage bonus factor. If you fight with 3 knights each knight does 50% more damage to the Epic Boss (counted in health points) with each hit it gives. The damage the Epic Bos…

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  • LuxRegem

    5 more keys! I am going to be rich! And so powerful. ^_^
    And Aegis of the Dragon + :)
    Thank you. I am very pleased.
    I have 8 winter keys now. Let's see, which one do I want? Northerner's? Not bad. Bronze Chromatic? Yes please.
    There we go. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I am so excited.
    Whut? :(
    Wtf? Do you know how much work this took?
    Hunter's Garb is by far the most ridiculous looking armor in the game. And it is almost as strong as Spectral Captain's Uniform. I regularly use better armors than this for enhancing others.
    Unenhanced it looks like a Japanese in his underwear. Not bad, considering...
    what it looks like in the final evolution. This guy did some serious new years partying. That's for sure. Boy, does he have a hangover. And how on earth d…

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    In progress

    Lately I shifted my number crunching activities from Armor Enhancement (see my previous blog posts) to The Epic Boss.

    Ever since I started playing K&D I was curious how the force of attack is calculated and how it connects to the numbers we see in the game. How come for instance that sometimes when you fight another knight you need a lot of hits and the other one needs a lot of hits till eventually one dies, and sometimes you need only 1 or 2 hits and the opponent does a lot of damage to you per hit as well. I wanted to find a way to crack the code that leads to the attack strength. Now to do that there is a great initial problem. You do not know the stats of your opponent and to calculate those stats you have to make assumptions…

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    Every advanced player has his/her own strategy to enhance armour. So do I. I use different strategies to enhance my armour in different situations. Over time my strategies developed, also under the influence of my writings here. Writing about it helped me develop thoughts about it and get facts straight I wouldn't have researched if I wouldn't have written about it in the blog. My ideas about how to enhance armour changed.

    When I started the game I thought it was very expensive to enhance armour. So at first I refrained from it, only to find out I had to do something to get past Skeletons Tomb. At first I would just enhance my armours whenever I didn't get past a level or a stage. I had only 1 Armor Smith and it seemed enough. Things only g…

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  • LuxRegem

    Beside the more every-day ways of enhancing armour there are a few possibilities that can be considered advanced or exotic. Those are practical only for the highest levels of the rarest armours or are only theoretical possibilities without a rational practical use. The options I am thinking of are:

    • using Fusion Armors
    • using Fusion Boost Armor
    • enhancing an armour before you use it to enhance another armour

    Are those methods advantageous and if so, when?

    There are a number of Rare and Super Rare Armor that can be easily fused and have an enhancement value of 50 for matching armour. The Rare Armors can be fused using the appropriate element Common Armor. They will all cost you 2 Common Armors + 25,000 gold + 1 Fusion Stone. That means they cost 25…

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