Hello everyone. Today I will be writing about my wikia experience in light of the recent contest.

It all stated last May. I was on the wiki the first day it was made. This wiki was made since its old wikia's was full of spam and vandals. Yup no admins, no rules, no blocks, no ends. It was catastrophic. Then with the help with the staff DinoKev created the wiki. At first it was just me, him and another user, but the wiki spread like a disease. Right before my eyes, many users joined the wiki. I became the first rollback on this wiki on June 13th and 11 days later the first admin on the wiki. 

But things did not look as happy as it seemed. I had been inactive for 2 weeks from the wiki. I thought everything would be normal when I come back but.... POOF DinoKev demoted me for being power hungry and leaving the wiki. He started saying bad things about me like, I am power hungry or selfish for power. I rejected this barbaric belief and disregarded it. 2 more admins were made in my absence. Two admins with barely any experience. However the most strange thing happened. They left the wiki for 8 months and are still inactive, however, no bureaucrat demoted them?!

I left on vacation and again I was inactive, in my return, a user became a bureaucrat, and friendly, familiar someone I knew and trusted, JustinDaOne! He became an admin and a bureaucrat  and for the first time in a long time I was happy for a promotion.

Soon winter came and the small wiki I joined six months ago was now the top 100 video game wikis! I applied for an admin and successfully became one on December 16,2013. From then on until present, I was still and Admin. 

January was indeed a hectic month  for me because a huge wiki reno was taking place. My best wiki friend (one of them),FrosteeSnoman became an Admin along with another user named Vozroz who became inactive quite soon. Months flew by, and now I am writing my wiki experience to you wikians. I would say myself that I've dealt with a lot on this wiki. Major spammers who spammed 87 pages, users begging for rights, vandals, swears and more. However I have friends on this wiki and enjoy editing in daily along with my other preferred wikias.

Hoped you like my history and didn't fall asleep halfway :)


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