Aloha, welcome to the anti-spam service, in this service you shall clean wiki spams for badges and merits. Good luck. Remember if you are a anti-spammer/vandal in the service, you shall always remain one. there is no turning back.

You will receive a badge when you clean up a certain amount of spams/vandals

  • For 5 spams/vandal cleanup = Regular badge
    This user cleaned 5 spam/vandals from the wiki
  • For 10 spams/vandal cleanup = Bronze badge
    This user cleaned 10 spam/vandals from the wiki
  • For 50 spams/vandal cleanup = Silver badge
    This user cleaned 50 spam/vandals from the wiki
  • For 75 spams/vandal cleanup = Gold badge
    This user cleaned 75 spam/vandals from the wiki

Sign up below and start cleaning spams/vandals

Spams can be

Vandals can be

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