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    Alright, Some people may not know this but, There's a way to play android games on you're computer, If you know what this is and or doesn't know how to I'll be showing a mini guide on how to.

    Their will be a few steps to this,

    Step 1: Download A Android Emulator, A few of them that i use are AndyOS which is on PC And Mac and is more updated then orthers, I would recommend this emulator as a starter,If you want you can find a diffrent one,

    Step 2: Setup the emulator, This step explains, If you using Andy fill out the infomation that pop's up when you start it,

    Step 3: Download Any Android Game You Want 

    Step 4: DeezNutz 

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  • KnightsDee

    Heroic Mode Tips

    November 20, 2014 by KnightsDee

    Okay Heroic mode is out so I gonna give some tips! Some of these will be for Newbies(People without good armors) and pros (with epics)

    Thanks to a wiki contributer for reminding me of this "Even if you can't get the fragments go through the easier levels multiple time you can at least get enough to create the older 4 star armors to fuse for a chance of epics!"

    One tip for both: Star fragments is not guarenteed at first I thought they was but they aren't

    Pros: Make your lineup so your knights/armors are stronger then your opponent element doing so will make you live and win more fequently

    Newbies:Try to do every stage and collect all 8 star fragments till sparkling steps doing so will give you enough star fragments for the epic

    This is all theā€¦

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    Small Break

    August 26, 2014 by KnightsDee

    The title says it all I be taking a month or two break from wikia This does NOT mean im leaving. I'm deciding to do this for multiple reasons

    1: School begins this week 2: Family Issues 3: Personal stuff

    Edit: I am back just not active on wiki much

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