The winter kings event is the boss collection event between 12 December 2013 and 2 January 2014. The objective of this event was to craft armors from three Epic Bosses during this period

  • Krampus (18 Dec '13 - 25 Dec '13)
  • Glacius.  (25 Dec '13 - 2 Jan '14)
Winter Kings

Winter Kings prizes


The banner for the Winter Kings event.


Keeping Boss Armor: 3 keys to the Winter Chest

Keeping Boss Armor+: 5 keys to the Winter ChestAegis of the Dragon+


The first two bosses armors(Jack Frost and Krampus) are easier to craft then the last one, because it you have more than 1 week to craft it's plus version. It will be really easy for high level players to get the + Version of the first two bosses. For low players, it may be harder. What I recommend for low players is that you max the regular version first, and step by step you will get stronger and then eventually you will be able to craft a + version. However, the last boss is totally different. In order to craft the Glacius armor +, you have several things that you need to do. In the first day that Glacius appear ( Wednesday), you must beat it till 15 at least. So, in the same day  you should be craft it. The crafting process takes 3 days. Meanwhile, I recommend farming Uncommon Armor, and then making them level 10 with basic armors for the specific element (Snakeskin Armor not recomended as they take too much time to craft). Let's calculate. 4:00 X 8 (total numbers of basic armors being crafted in order to put the uncommon armor at 10 ) = 32 min + 30 min (uncommon armor) = 62 min (1 hour). It is 30 min faster than Snakeskin. It can be even faster if you have 4 smiths that are free to use. So, if you do, the time to craft the 4 basic armors will be 4 minutes + 30( uncommon armor) = 34 minutes to create a copy of snakeskin that gives the same quantity of EP. Although it's a little bit more expensive than Snakeskin, it is faster(x3 faster), and we need to level up the armor as fast as possible. If you don't have the money, it is better for you to craft Snakeskins, although it is only thousands of gold difference. Arenas prizes are also really good and should be considered because they give 50 EP for matching elements. Other ways of enhancement that I would not include: Fusing 50 EP armors, because some people can't acquire fusion stones, and Fusion Boost Armor- an armor that is really hard to get and most people don't have access to them. In fact, since the New Guild war is coming, I recommend you to fight and get a good placement, and you will get some Fusion Boosts armors that will help you, but remember that it is only a luxury ( we are not considering outside factors, just what is in our range). Now, you have about 3 days to prepare the stock of armors that you are going to use to put the regular armor into 35. So, on Saturday, the armor will be crafted and you will have the materials to instantly put into 35.  Once you unlock the + Version, you should have beat the boss till at least in the house of the 30-40. It is okay if you didn't beat it enough times, you still have Sunday to make it to 43. Once it is 43, you will craft it immediately. You can't wait till Monday to craft it, otherwise the time won't be enough. Once you craft it on Sunday, it may take 3 days to be crafted. after 3 days, it will be January 1st, the due date of collecting the armors. You will be able then to collect it.  Its good to remember also that if you are crafting at Monday even though it was supposed to craft at Sunday, the only way you can still get is to spend some gems to accelerate the crafing process. I hope that this guide can help you guys, and good luck. I will be adding anything that I discover (Thanks to Andrestse for this guide)

Note: You can start crafting the armor on monday since a level 3 Armor Smith only takes roughly 65 hours to craft a 4 star instead of the normal 72 hours.

This gives you the time to start crafting the + version seven hours later then the original sunday before 0:00, so you can start crafting the + version at around 6:00 am monday and still have it crafted in time.

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