• KD Lu Bu


    December 27, 2013 by KD Lu Bu

    The winter kings event is the boss collection event between 12 December 2013 and 2 January 2014. The objective of this event was to craft armors from three Epic Bosses during this period

    • Jack Frost (11 Dec '13 - 18 Dec '13)
    • Krampus (18 Dec '13 - 25 Dec '13)
    • Glacius.  (25 Dec '13 - 2 Jan '14)

    Keeping Boss Armor: 3 keys to the Winter Chest

    Keeping Boss Armor+: 5 keys to the Winter Chest, Aegis of the Dragon+

    The first two bosses armors(Jack Frost and Krampus) are easier to craft then the last one, because it you have more than 1 week to craft it's plus version. It will be really easy for high level players to get the + Version of the first two bosses. For low players, it may be harder. What I recommend for low players is that you max the regular v…

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