Hello this is my armor line ups blog I will discuss strats with armor and elements

ok to start off with my favorite line up I call it the balenced win

Example: Tectonic armor first, Arbor steel vanguard middle, and meastrom irons last

the idea behind this strats is to have a defence front to almost look at the enemys team and to take a hit then the middle is your balenced character this will act as a extra layer of defence with attact to hurt the next enemy and last is the high attact armor to finish of any last knights

another example  Scorch stone aegis first Horsemans armor middle and ravenlord last

Guild war armor line ups

ok so if you have basics. fire earth water and your enemy has water spirit wind in that order then you might want to switch up your armor line up to water fire earth then you can beat their line up look at their lineups and decide what armor do you think will benefit you the most


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