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My first blog post!

Hello guys,

I started playing Knights and Dragons around the time Wandering Flame was the Epic Boss, and I was just finding for an app to burn some time whilst I was to and fro from campus. I got more than I asked for, haha.

I'm a stickler for grammar on Wiki posts and as I frequent the Wiki to do comparisons on armor to see what I should craft next, I decided to sign up to contribute to the community as well.

I play on Android and my Knight is L100+, currently rocking my first Legendary+ armor (Swampstone Platemail+), together with the awesome Combustion Armor and the decent Armor of the Infernal Lord+. The moment I get Ravenlord's Mantle+ to L60 I'll replace my AotIL+.

Well... That's enough about me.

Hope it wasn't too much of a bore haha.

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