'This is my story about how I started playing this game and why I'm still playing it at this right moment:

- My Commander: MaPMaKeR

- Level 82 ( 30.09.2013 )

Well, everyone knows how this starts.... Making a tutorial, beating some monsters, earning some Exp and Gold....whatever... What means "Knights and Dragons" for you guys? For me, like the best game ever I've played on Android... I've started playing this game with 3 days before the Ancient Dragons appeared.... (13 weeks like this I think). Well, I couldn't defeat the Dragons, and heh, honestly to say, I've searched a lot of Nemesis Players and sending friend request, but without any hope... This thing made me angry because there are a lot of powerful players that have strong armors, and which they aren't helping a lot the newbies, well this until you reach to a higher level, for example 40-50 like this. first legendary armor was Slimebane Battlegear, which I'm still using it hehe... Anyway, after this, I started to gain strength and level in order to beat more levels of bosses, until.... the Guild Update came to the Android. After few hours, I have been invited in a guild called "Frozen", made by a player called Gooday... Then, I also discovered the Fusion Armor Boosts, which....well, started using them without any importance hehe ( Don't tell it, I know what you want to say about this "using without any importance" ). After 3 days being in guild, I've been promoted immediately as the Guild Sentinel, which it gave me more Atk/Def to my knights and armors, until...the first Guild War started.... I've been online and contributing during that war with 2-3 members more, from a guild made by 15 members.... where the Guild Master and the Guild Champion didn't interfered in the guild.... Then I was kicked off by the leader itself..... I've been started to browse powerful guilds such as Majestic or Majestic Alliance, but well, it was impossible for me to join such of... epic guilds like those, where there are only the best players in.... Didn't had luck for the first day after demise, and started to think of making my own guild called "The Avengers", in order to avenge for what my old guild did to me, but I was very lucky, and was invited in the guild called "Legionaires", where honestly, this guild was the exactly what I needed to be in... Their leader is a very, very awesome guy called Maximous, which, me and him are planning some of the things each other in Facebook. During the Big Guild War, me and him were very strategical about spying, farming, communicating and many things.... But as always, there must be always a Black Sheep in the guild (damn those ***** ^^" ). But in the end, we made to top 657 :D But honestly to say.... that the Majestic Guild rocked all the guilds with their impressive score of 6-7 millions like this I think, I dunno... This guild is a very good one, a level 36 Guild with 19 members....which I am a High Commander (Hardly earning this title for my contribution and for my very presence during all time)... Last week, was my very...tiring...slowly week of my life in this game.... the answer? The Great Old One Limited Quests!!! The first 2 parts I've done in 2 days (some time being with my friends and family, bla bla bla ;) ), then the others 2 parts which those were a nightmare for me....and finally the last 2, that I thought that I will never make it in 2 days and 13 hours ( because I'm a person that studies at institute, and for every day, I lose like 6-7 hours, essential for the quests ). But I did made it, by waking up every night for every 2 hours ( the necessary time to have my knights healed at max ) and by farming the Swamp Kraken for the Hydra Scales ( 20 battles won with loot against Kraken - 60 'and the rest of the Hydra- like 15 hours and the feathers in just only '4-5 hours, and only having at disposition 10 hours in order to craft the armors in time).'' In the end I've won those 11 Beast Keys, and starting to rest after that god-sake week. And here I am, writing this blog of my experience in this game, and that because I've won a Moontide Platemail and 3 Ultra Rares Armors and the rest only 2 Stars Armors.

Helios_Max´s out

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