Helios Max

aka Helios_Max

  • I live in Spain
  • I was born on June 28
  • Helios Max

    'This is my story about how I started playing this game and why I'm still playing it at this right moment:

    - My Commander: MaPMaKeR

    - Level 82 ( 30.09.2013 )

    Well, everyone knows how this starts.... Making a tutorial, beating some monsters, earning some Exp and Gold....whatever... What means "Knights and Dragons" for you guys? For me, like the best game ever I've played on Android... I've started playing this game with 3 days before the Ancient Dragons appeared.... (13 weeks like this I think). Well, I couldn't defeat the Dragons, and heh, honestly to say, I've searched a lot of Nemesis Players and sending friend request, but without any hope... This thing made me angry because there are a lot of powerful players that have strong armors, and wh…

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