I am no longer supporting or updating this application.  I have made the source code available at .  Feel free to use and host it as you wish.  As long as traffic to the current site doesn't reach the point I am having to pay significant amounts to keep it up, then it will remain as it currently is.  Anyway back to the original post:

Over the last week I've been working on the following web application: . 

This provides the following functions:


The are 2 enhancement calculators, Full and Simple.  Both calculate stats at target level and if given an armor to enhance with, how many it will take and how much it will cost.  Full requires you to select specific armors, Simple only requires you to select the rarities of the armor involved.


There are 2 functions, Combine and Split.  Combine will give a list of possible fusion results for a given 2 armors.  Split will give a list of possible armors you can fuse to get a given armor.  

Epic Boss

This will calculate damage done and taken by armor given information about the epic boss, your guild and your available armors.  Currently this only works for players at level 100 because I don't have a formula/table for working out player and follower base stats at lower levels.

Level Data

This shows the current level table used by the above functions.  It is likely that it isn't completely correct but LuxRegem has done a great job of improving the accuracy of it.

Armor Data

This shows the current armor table used by the above functions.  Again it's likely to have some inaccuracies as I copied a lot of it by hand from various sources.


All the functionality and data on the website is exposed as a RESTful API for inclusion in any other web applications that you might think up.  


As I've mentioned above it's bound to have inaccuracies so if you find any, especially if you know why it's inaccurate, then please let me know.  The biggest gap in functionality currently is player and follower base stat data for levels below 100 so if you have a table or formula for this please let me know.  Thanks for reading and I hope you find this application useful.

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