Happy birthday to the Knights & Dragons Wiki, and here is my entry to the wiki's birthday contest, I will try not to write an essay as I seem to do all too often.

I first joined Wikia on October 3rd 2013, my first edit on the Swampstone_Platemail page the day of my joining. I was really excited to have the new Epic Boss out, and was annoyed that the wiki didn't update the information as soon as it was released in-game, until it dawned on me. Wiki's are community run, and so I thought I may as well put in my 2 cents and added two words to the page! I was heavily into the game back then and eventually I found myself editing lots of pages, and really enjoying image editing (as all the images were just screenshots back then). Some of my most early edits were quick armor crops such as this and this. I even enjoyed the wiki and especially its community that I even applied for rollback on the 2nd December 2013. I have had great mentors, and made fantastic friends (the best kind of friends, internet friends!) and learnt a lot. Eventually I enjoyed Wikia so much that I founded the wiki for GREE's new game, Rage of the Immortals, which has really taken off! All up I really enjoyed being on the wiki, and it has taught me a lot about people, management, and the Wikia community.

May all your edits be good ones! =]

FrosteeSnoman ContributionsTalk 07:56, May 8, 2014 (UTC)

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