My adventure started about four months ago. On 15 Jan., 2014, I searched for Knights and Dragons tips and advice on the internet and came across the Knights and Dragons Wiki. My very first edit was adding a picture of the Dark Prince's Royal Armor. I knew that something seemed odd about this wiki because it did not look like any other wiki I have seen. It seemed unorganized and it had a lot of missing information. I saw LuxRegem editing pages like crazy and later figured out that he was a rollback. I had no clue what a rollback was but I decided on that day that I would help build the wiki and put in any information that I saw missing, and hopefully become like him. Exactly two months later, I applied for the rollback position to help myself edit pages, revert trolls, and delete vandalism and spam. One of my soon to be good friends Kuby101 evaluated me. Ten days later, I was accepted into the wiki staff team as a rollback. Every since I became I rollback, I have been on the wiki, at least once a day, to ensure that the wiki was clean of unnecessary information. I started seeing FrosteeSnowman and Kuby101 discussing about having Chat Moderators back on the staff team again. I was planning on applying for it about a month after they had opened the thread back up. On 10 May, 2014, I decided to get on the wiki one last time before I went to sleep. I saw Kuby101 messaged me on my wall so I decided to check it out and, to my surprise, he told me that I was being promoted to a chat moderator. I was surprised that, in only four months, I had built up so much trust and "good faith" than an admin would promote me to a chat moderator so quickly. I have loved helping this wiki out so much and will continue to do so until I am no longer able to. I have made so many friends during my adventure and hope to make more soon.

- EBCM1022

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