You might have noticed that some of the articles on this wiki predates the founding of this wiki. Or maybe you haven't, but i'm going to tell you the story anyway.

The URL of this wiki originally belonged to another wiki of the same name that was founded earlier this year. Unfortunately, the founder left the wiki immediately after creating it without doing any edits. Luckily, the wiki was found by some keen contributors who helped edited and created articles for the wiki. Sadly, all their efforts were wasted because of the huge number of spammers and vandals who posted referral codes everywhere including replacing articles with codes. Contributors who wanted to help were hindered by this. One of them contacted the founder for admin rights but was turned away by him. It would have been great if that contributor contacted Wikia Staff to adopt the wiki.

When I came across that wiki in April, it was in a state beyond repair. Somehow someone even managed to redirect the mainpage permanently to a user page with friend code. Determined to help, I contacted Wikia Staff about the problem with the wiki and proposed my plan to help save the wiki. That was when this new wiki was created. The few useful articles were imported and all the vandalism reverted. Wikia Staff Merrystar was very helpful throughout the whole process.

Finally, the old wiki was fully merged into this wiki on 13 May 2013, and this wiki inherited the original URL. N' that's the history of how this wiki was founded.

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