Hey so here are some tips to get some epic armors

Note: You are not guaranteed an epic by using this tips (just saying)

  1.Fuse either 3 stars or 4 stars (but i would recommend 4 stars)

  2.Use mono(single element) 4 stars for fusing. This helps your limit the armors you are getting, meaning you can have a higher chance of getting a epic (I find this most useful)

  3.Usually do a fusion between the beginning of an hour and 10 minutes after that (for example 8:00-8:10) 

  4.If you are looking for a mono epic amor fuse two mono's because by fusing two monos you can get a mono in retrun

  5.If you want a certain epic try fusing two 4 stars that might have the same elements as the epic

 6.Just Open Chest and hope for the best (never got an epic from chest :P)

Thanks for checking this out 

Make sure you show your support if this helped you

And if you did get an epic using some of these tips make sure you tell Me ! :]

Again getting an epic depends on your luck 

So Good luck i guess  ^   V   ^

           Some epics i fused :

 1.First epic i got was moontide :P


 3.Earthwarderns :]                                                         <------------------------------     Epics i got in order

 4.Blazeborne :P

 5.Armor of the Devoted :P

 6.Firestorm Vanguard 

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