• Dark Knight Leo

    Tips On Getting Epics

    December 24, 2014 by Dark Knight Leo

    Hey so here are some tips to get some epic armors

    Note: You are not guaranteed an epic by using this tips (just saying)

      1.Fuse either 3 stars or 4 stars (but i would recommend 4 stars)

      2.Use mono(single element) 4 stars for fusing. This helps your limit the armors you are getting, meaning you can have a higher chance of getting a epic (I find this most useful)

      3.Usually do a fusion between the beginning of an hour and 10 minutes after that (for example 8:00-8:10) 

      4.If you are looking for a mono epic amor fuse two mono's because by fusing two monos you can get a mono in retrun

      5.If you want a certain epic try fusing two 4 stars that might have the same elements as the epic

     6.Just Open Chest and hope for the best (never got an epic from…

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