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    December 17, 2013 by Darja.x


    The [[]] is a (State Which Elements) Element Epic Boss that runs from (Start Date) to (End Date). The [[]] drops (Add Boss Fragments) when defeated which are used to craft (Add Epic Boss Armor) when you collect 50 pieces.

    (Add Epic Boss' Nemesis), the Nemesis armor of this boss, will be available in the Dark Prince's Chest for the duration of this Epic Boss.

    Level Rewards
    Level 1 7 (Add Boss Fragments), 5,000 Gold and 5 Epic Energy
    Level 3 4 (Add Armor Reward) and 3 Silver Keys
    Level 6 12 (Add Boss Fragments), 5 Epic Energy and 4 (Add Armor Reward)
    Level 10 7,500 Gold and 3 (Add Armor Reward)
    Level 15 15 (Add Boss Fragments), You can now craft (Add Boss Armor Reward)
    Level 21 10 (Add Armor Reward) , 1 Fusion Stone and 1 Gem
    Level 28 15,000 Go…

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