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Knight Fashion Show Grand Re-Opening!

Ctar007 August 31, 2014 User blog:Ctar007

Alright everyone, kuby back in 2013 started the knight fashion show, I competed and won. He did a second one in January 2014, but the results were not released. So I'm going to host the September 2014 Knight Fashion Show! You snapshot your best/favorite knight sporting your best/favorite armor, and you submit it in the comments. Then, close to the end of the month, I will close the contest and pick a winner. All participants will receive this badge:

This user has participated in the Knight Fashion Show September 2014

And the winner will receive this badge:

This user has won the Knight Fashion Show September 2014

Good luck to all, and I will be judging this one. You can also apply to be a judge for the October 2014 contest.

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