I love Knights and Dragons.  I never have a spare five minutes anymore!  Sometimes, I catch myself singing the theme song at random points during the day.  

I play the iOS version on an iPhone 4GS.  Twice a week--for at least a day or two--this is the screen I'm most commonly greeting with:

IMG 1567

My least favorite screen when playing, yet the one I see most frequently.

I hope I'm the only person with the problem.  

I'll play and everything will be fine, then it will freeze and load the above screen .  While the gauge on the bottom fills, the music will play, but when it fills to 100.0%... nothing happens.  

If I go out of the game, and come back, same thing.  If I delete it and download again; same story.

In all honesty, I may spend more time looking at screen than actually playing the game... I would rather pay-to-play, a la World of Warcraft and have these issues never come up than deal with how it currently functions.  I've been tempted, but I can't allow myself to buy gems, or war points, or epic boss energy, because I have no faith in the game working when I want to play it.

I think something like this has happened before and they dished out a good deal of "Dark Prince's Chest Keys."  That was a great gesture, however the problem is still there.  Don't pacify players in hopes of making amends, fix the underlying issue as to not put yourself in that position to start with.  (And if you do, give us armor fusion boost instead :) ) 

I love this game.  I dearly wish it would work half the time I want to play.  

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

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