• Cnhull

    I Can Play

    September 14, 2013 by Cnhull

    Yesterday, all of two hours before the start of the war, I could finally log on!  My favorite game is back.  After talking to my guild fully half the members said they had similar problems logging on.  

    I'm glad I can play, and I figured it was only right to say so: bad news travels quickly, but in order to have credibility one has to equally report good news and or resolution.

    I do wish in their communication with me that GREE hadn't tried to pin the issue on my phone and owned up to the problem.  

    "We're sorry you're having a hard time and a bad experience.  We are aware of the problem and working hard to resolve the issues," would have been such a better response than what I got.  Which was essentially, "You may need to troubleshoot device…

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  • Cnhull

    I'm not Alone!

    September 13, 2013 by Cnhull

    Here's proof that at least one more player is a stumped as I.  From GREE'S facebook page (along with a bunch of other hate.) 

    As long as you don't ever expect me to pay for this game, I guess this is okay... 

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  • Cnhull

    I've decided to chronicle my inability to play my favorite game Knights and Dragons.  

    If you read my previous post, you'll know I love Knights and Dragons and that I'm having major problems on the iOS version.  I have an iphone 4GS and can't play.  In a reply to some pointed commentary I sent GREE, they let me know that it was my 'device's' issue.  As in the phone that I use for personal and business use, sync calendars, and four email accounts too, and run every social media app available from can't handle "Knights and Dragons."  Since this is the case, I'm hoping GREE sends me their address so I can mail them my phone.  This way they can 'troubleshoot the device' as they specified in their reply to my previous post.  

    Am I an angry custom…

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  • Cnhull

    I love Knights and Dragons.  I never have a spare five minutes anymore!  Sometimes, I catch myself singing the theme song at random points during the day.  

    I play the iOS version on an iPhone 4GS.  Twice a week--for at least a day or two--this is the screen I'm most commonly greeting with:

    I hope I'm the only person with the problem.  

    I'll play and everything will be fine, then it will freeze and load the above screen .  While the gauge on the bottom fills, the music will play, but when it fills to 100.0%... nothing happens.  

    If I go out of the game, and come back, same thing.  If I delete it and download again; same story.

    In all honesty, I may spend more time looking at screen than actually playing the game... I would rather pay-to-play, a…

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