• Candyapplecorn


    Git Gud Tipz Tip #1: You have six knights. Five of them only use one element. But wait! Most armors come in two elements, so you can take your super-awesome mega-powerful level 30 Monk's Vestments and wear it on your earth & spirit knight. One armor, two knights! Think of your knights as soggy wet bags of meat, just rarin' to get their faces punched in and bruised up by dem' dastardly skeletons in SKELETAL TOMB. Let's say you have an awesome armor for a certain stage, so awesome it clears almost the entire stage by itself! Do it again with whichever knight is the 2nd element, and a third time with your commander! THAT'S HOW 2 GIT GUD SCRUB

    Git Gud Tipz Tip #2: In addition to more health, attack and defense, leveling up helps you beat more …

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  • Candyapplecorn


    January 2, 2014 by Candyapplecorn

    Three knights V.S. an entire pirate ship: The Gallery.

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