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Unicorn is an Spirit/Fire Element Epic Boss that runs from June 17th to June 24th, 2014. It drops Horn Fragment  when defeated which are used to craft Unicorn's Salvation

Unicorn's Nemesis , the Nemesis armor of this boss, will be available in the Dark Prince's Chest for the duration of this Epic Boss of June 17th to June 24th



Level Rewards
Level 1 Horn Fragments , 5,000 Gold and 5 Epic Energy
Level 3 Dragonflame Armors , 3 Silver Keys
Level 6 12 Horn Fragments, 5 Epic Energy and 4 Dragonflame Armors
Level 10 7,500 Gold and 3 Hydra Hunter's Mails
Level 15 15 Horn FragmentsYou can now craft Unicorn's Salvation
Level 21 10 Dragonflame Armors, 1 Fusion Stone and 1 Gem
Level 28 15,000 Gold, 10 Epic Energy, and 3 Enchanted Keys
Level 35 10  Hydra Hunter's Mails and 3 Gems
Level 43

30,000 Gold and 5 Enchanted Keys

  • You will now have enough materials to craft the boss armor again.
  • You will be able to craft the plus version after leveling the original armor to Level 35.
Level 51 15  Hydra Hunter's Mails and 3 Fusion Stones
Level 60 10 Enchanted Keys, 5 Dark Prince Keys and 5 Gems



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