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Ultra-Rares Are For Mid-Level Players, More Experienced Players Should Focus On The Epic Boss. Newer Players Should Focus On The Big Four Because Of The Work Leveling These Armors Up.

How To ObtainEdit

Craftable Ultra Rare ArmorsEdit

Name Elements

Base Stats

Max Stats Combined Stats PIC
The Dark Prince's Royal Armor FireSpirit 264/252 885/735 1,620 DarkPrincesRoyalArmor
The Dark Prince's Royal Armor+ 292/278 1,120/899 2,019

Armor of the Infernal Lord

FireEarth 240/264 792/885 1,678 ArmorOfTheInfernalLord

Armor of the Infernal Lord+

266/291 1,025/1,050 2,075

Swamp Shaman Robes

WaterEarth 240/264 723/885 1,608 SwampShamanRobes
Swamp Shaman Robes+ 264/292 816/1,120 1,936
Rocfeather Robes AirSpirit 264/252 747/735 1,482 RocfeatherRobes
Rocfeather Robes+ 292/278 982/899 1,881
Spectral Captain's Uniform WaterSpirit  ​


678/735 1,413 SpectralCaptainsUniform
Spectral Captain's Uniform+ 290/278 773/899 1,672

Non-Craftable Ultra Rare ArmorsEdit

Name Element(s) Base Stats Max Stats Combined Stats PIC
Sky Guardian AirSpirit 295/337 916/1,027 1,943 SkyGuardian
Sky Guardian+ AirSpirit 325/372 1,084/1,269 2,353
Storm Sorcerer AirWater 331/290 1,021/842 1,863 StormSorcerer

Storm Sorcerer+

AirWater 366/320 1,263/1,010 2,273
Wicked Wraith EarthSpirit 284/331 836/1,090 1,926 WickedWraith
Wicked Wraith+ EarthSpirit 313/366 1,003/1,211 2,335

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