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Troubled Skies is a PvP Arena tournament that goes from November 7th, 2013 to November 14th, 2013. It's connected to the Epic Boss Wyvern.

Tournament RewardsEdit

Place Rewards
Black Medal - 1st 1x Leviathan's Platemail, 12x Glacier Armor, 50x Gems
Gold Medal - 2nd - 5th 1x Starsong Shroud, 9x Glacier Armor, 40x Gems
Silver Medal - 6th - 25th 9x Glacier Armor, 30x Gems, 10x Fusion Stones
Bronze Medal - 26th - 100th 6x Glacier Armor, 20x Gems, 8x Fusion Stones
Ribbon A - 101st - 250th 3x Glacier Armor, 3x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 10x Gems
Ribbon B - 251st - 500th 2x Glacier Armor, 3x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 5x Gems
Ribbon C - 501st - 1000th 1x Glacier Armor, 3x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 5x Gems
Ribbon D - 1001st - 1500th 1x Glacier Armor, 2x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 2x Gems
Ribbon E - 1501st - 2000th 3x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 6x Typhoon Gems, 2x Fusion Stones
Ribbon F - 2001st - 5000th 3x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 6x Typhoon Gems, 1x Fusion Stone
Ribbon G - 5001st - 10000th 3x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 4x Typhoon Gems, 4000x Gold
Ribbon H - 10001st - 60000th 1x Wavecharmer's Mantle, 2x Typhoon Gems, 3000x Gold
Ribbon I - 60001st - 1000000th 2x Typhoon Gems, 1x Potion, 1000x Gold

Limited Time Quests - Storm WarningEdit

Part 1:Edit

Objective: Win 5/5 PVP Battles With All Elements In Your Party.

Reward: 5000 Gold, 5150 Experience

Part 2:Edit

Objective: Win 7/7 Tournament Battles With A Special Attack.

Reward: 5000 Gold, 5150 Experience

Part 3:Edit

Objective: Win 10/10 Tournament Battles Without Any Member Wearing Water Armor.

Reward: 5000 Gold, 5150 Experience, 1 Gem

Event NotesEdit

  • The Troubled Skies is a limited PvP tournament.
  • It takes place from November 7 to November 14, 2013.
  • It is in relation to the Wyvern.
  • Its prizes are listed above.

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