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Torchflame Mantle

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Torchflame Mantle
Rarity Super Rare Super Rare
Elements Fire smallSpirit small
Maximum level 50
Craftable Yes
Fusable Unknown
Level to unlock plus Unknown
Evolution levels 5 & 25
Match No match
Enhancement points 50 41
Stats Crafting
Base per Lv Max Crafting materials Unknown
Regular Attack trans 252 +8 Attack trans 644 Materials found from Unknown
Defense trans 302 +8 Defense trans 694 Materials location Unknown
Plus Attack trans 277 +9 Attack trans 718 Crafting cost Unknown
Defense trans 332 +9 Defense trans 773 Crafting time Unknown

Torchflame Mantle is a Super Rare/2-Star Fire/Spirit typed armor.  Evolution 1 at level 5 and evolution 2 at level 25. It is effective against earth/spirit types but ineffective against fire/water types.

How to ObtainEdit

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