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The Titan Turmoil is an Arena Tournament that began on August 7th, 2014 and ended on August 14th, 2014.

It features the Runic Robes for the second time

First place gets  Runic Robes+. while #2 and #3 get the Runic Robes.

Tournament Rewards Edit

Ribbon Rank Rewards
Black Medal #1 1x Runic Robes+, 24x Earth Fusion Boost Armors, 20xFusion Stones , 80x Gems
Gold Medal #2 1xRunic Robes, 22x Earth Fusion Boost Armors,  14 Fusion Stone s, 60xGems
Silver Medal #3 1x Runic Robes , 20x Earth Fusion Boost Armors, 12 Fusion Stones , 40x Gems
Bronze Medal #4-10 1x Wurmshroud Mantle+, 16x Earth Fusion Boost Armors, 8 Fusion Stones , 25x Gems
Ribbon A #11-50 1x Wurmshroud Mantle, 14x Earth Fusion Boost Armors, 6 Fusion Stones , 20x Gems
Ribbon B #51-100 1x Wurmshroud Mantle, 12x Earth Fusion Boost Armors, 4Fusion Stones , 18x Gems

Ribbon C

# 101-200 3x Assassin's Shroud, 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 2x Fusion Stones , 360,000 Gold
Ribbon D #201-501 2x Assassin's Shroud, 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 16x Gems , 240,000 Gold
Ribbon E #501-1,000 1x Assassin's Shroud, 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 14x Gems , 160,000 Gold
Ribbon F #1,001-2,500 3x Armor of the Infernal Lord , 4x Monk's Vestments, 12x Gems , 105,000 Gold
Ribbon G #2,501-3,500 2x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 3x Monk's Vestments, 10x Gems
Ribbon H #3,501-5,000 1x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 2x Monk's Vestments, 210,000 Gold
Ribbon I #5,001-7,500 1x Armor of the Infernal Lord, 10x Gems , 140,000 Gold
Ribbon J #7,501-10,000 8xSilver Key , 8x Gems , 90,000 Gold
Ribbon K #10,001-25,000 4x Silver Key , 6x Gems
Ribbon L #25,001-50,000 6x Gems , 120,000 Gold
Ribbon M #50,001-75,000 4x Gems , 60,000 Gold

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