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The Tiamat's War of Hexes is a Guild War that started on March 28th, 2015 and ended on March 31st, 2015. The main reward for this Guild War is the Eye Of Tiamat which is a Mono Spirit typed Dragonforged Armor. This is the first Guild War to use the newest reward tier system, as well as the first Guild war to reward a Dragonforged Armor.

The guilds that rank 1-3 receive the + version of the armor.

The guilds which rank from 4-10 will receive the regular version of the armor.


Rank Ribbon Rewards
#1 Black Medal Eye Of Tiamat+, 60 Dark Prince's Keys, 80 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors and 150 Gems
#2 Gold Medal  1 Eye Of Tiamat+, 40 Dark Prince's Keys, 60 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors and 120 Gems
#3 Silver Medal  1 Eye Of Tiamat+, 25 Dark Prince's Keys, 40 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors and 100 Gems
#4-10 Bronze Medal Eye Of Tiamat, 20 Dark Prince's Keys, 20 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors and 70 Gems
#11-25 Ribbon A Chaos Vanguard+, 10 Dark Prince's Keys, 10 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors and 30 Gems
#26-50 Ribbon B Chaos Vanguard, 5 Dark Prince's Keys, 5 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors and 15 Gems
#51-100 Ribbon C Demon's Carapace+, 3 Dark Prince's Keys, 3 Spirit Fusion Boost Armors and 10 Gems
#101-250 Ribbon D Demon's Carapace+, 12 Enchanted Keys, 1 Dark Prince's Key and 400,000 Gold
#251-500 Ribbon E Demon's Carapace, 8 Enchanted Keys and 400,000 Gold
#501-750 Ribbon F Demon's Carapace, 3 Fusion Stones  and 350,000 Gold
#751-1,000 Ribbon G Rocfeather Robes+, 3 Fusion Stones and 300,000 Gold
#1,001-1,500 Ribbon H 1  Rocfeather Robes+, 3 Fusion Stones and 250,000 Gold
#1,501-2,500 Ribbon I 1  Rocfeather Robes+, 2 Fusion Stones and 200,000 Gold
#2,501-3,500 Ribbon J 1  Rocfeather Robes and 2 Fusion Stones
#3,501-5,000 Ribbon K Fusion Stones and 75,000 Gold
#5,001, 6,500 Ribbon L Fusion Stones and 50,000 Gold
#6,500-8,000 Ribbon M Fusion Stones and 25,000 Gold


iOS: Rainbow Rug

Android: Armor Killers

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