• Howdy guys! So I just started the game on my Android Phone, and I am currently on Level 18. I have enough cash to create a Guild, but I'm just curious if this is a smart move??

    Like seriously, in Guild Wars, they will just feed on me as a Guild Master!

    What level is a good level for you guys to at least manage a guild, smartly? ~

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    • Managing a guild is extremely hard in this game as everyone wants to join a better and higher ranking guild. For example, I cannot imagine how many applications The Rainbow Room would receive if they had a spot open and available to everyone.

      My advice: At least be lvl 90+ with a max ultra+ or legendary armor as you would not want to be defeated easily in guild wars with a high bounty on your head. (Others can give more feedback on level/armors you should need for guild masters.) Getting a strong guild champion and sentinel is key in guild wars as they get 7% boost with a high bounty. Sentinels tend to be tanky, high defense players with armors such as boilerplate/clayplate/tectonic to give a few example. Champions are tend to be a open spot in most guilds to keep competition between high commanders high for that spot. With that said, letting your commanders know that promotion to high commander is possible is important in keeping new or weaker players. Advertising your guild for active players is also important to get your guild to higher levels. But do not neglect your lower level players. This is key in keeping your guild alive. For example, I started this game about 3 weeks ago and have gotten to lvl 88 with an epic+ and multiple non-epic boss legendary armors. You never know which player gets lucky in those free beast/prince keys from quests so make every member in your guild feel at home :3

      Good luck with your guild and remember guild is a place for players to get together and enjoy this lonely solo queue game :3 I would have quit this game long ago if I didn't join my current guild.

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    • I started when I was level 40 now I have a top 30 ranked guild. In saying that, I started when the guilds first came out for android. There is a lot of competition now, and starting a new guild from fresh - you will be a lot behind other guilds. I like being a guild master, but it doesn't have huge advantages or anything, it would probably be more benefical to join a guild and work your way up the ranks, work hard and reap their rewards. Maybe you should start a guild after you get more experience and strength.

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    • Oh my, you guys are amazing! 

      First reply- thanks much! Now my head is clear; I'm just not ready (strength-wise) in leading a guild for now. lol! I like how you found an awesome guild! I hope I find one as well, where I can BOOST my strength and experience :D Thanks again!

      Second reply- uhm, wow aren't you awesome.. lol :D Top 30!! Thanks mucho! I will join good guilds for now, so I can enhance my gameplay strategy and all that, before I can even think of creating my own guild lol. ~

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    • Lol maxed ultra rare + xD

      That fucking sucks.

      1. Get_a_dragonforged
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    • Please Don't Trash Dig  And Please Do Not Curse Or Swear On The Forums :D

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    • The ultra+ comment was from long before dragonforged

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    • A FANDOM user
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