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  • I am wondering if anybody else is having this problem.  I am currently working on several different quests that require wriggling roots.  However, every time I fight and super-attack finish the Kraken, I only get Hydra Scales.  I have played this level on each difficulty (normal, mighty, etc.) at least 25 times each and I have received a total of 12 roots (6 drops).  I do not have this problem with any other of the bosses, only this one.  Does anybody know of a trick?  Is there a specific element that my knight needs to have when finishing for a higher drop rate? 

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    • the higher the difficulty of the stage you are doing, the higher chance you have of them dropping their unique armor piece. I have found a nice balance between difficulty and drop rate when I run the second hardest (Honor Difficulty). I think it is something like 80% for Epic, 70% for Honor, 60% for Valor, and so on. There aren't any specific tricks to get your drop every time that I know of. 

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    • During the tutorial it mentions that using power attacks may result in addition rewards. I always try and save a power attacks to be the last hit on a Boss. Not sure if it makes a difference yet or not but could be something..

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    • If you don't use the power attack on the boss you will only get the normal shards as a loot.

      But as the first commenter said it depends on the difficulty of the stage. Now you have to decide if you want to be able to make more runs (normal stage) or if you want a higher chance of getting the right loot (epi stage).

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    • more runs is better because you also level up and that can benefit you just as much

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    • If they're worried about boss drops then running once at the highest stage they can complete will beat running multiple times. The bosses drop are very bad at lower levels and close or equal to 100% at certain stages.

      I haven't completed the game but Snake skins seem to drop only on Epic. Typhoon gems only drop on Valor or higher. Shiny shards on Honor or higher.

      I could be wrong since I haven't been playing that long. However I haven't earned the better loot on any of the "easy" levels.

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    • I've found the exact opposite. The lower level the area the easier it is to gain the rarer material. I can run snake skin on normal and still get them 80% of the time. I'm now at the same point as the person who posted this. Wriggling roots are a nightmare to get, I'm doing it on valour - epic there seems to be little difference between the drop rate. I'm close to having enough for the + version. I've been grinding it so long that I have the big four maxed out and I'm level 70 :-/ Just keep at it and follow the advise the first person posted as best as possible.

      The + version of these armours are stronger and much easier to level than the  4 star normal gear dropped from defeating the special boss, so they're worth getting.

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    • I'm farming snakeskin and I've found that if I run on normal until snakeskin isn't dropped then switch to the next stage up and run that until snakeskin isn't dropped I will have a much faster result. I use super smash to kill the boss every time. I hope you can apply this technique to your wiggly roots for the same result. The main idea, in my experience, is to not break a "winning streak." Swapping difficulties only when an undesired drop is received.

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    • wrote:

      I'm farming snakeskin and I've found that if I run on normal until snakeskin isn't dropped then switch to the next stage up and run that until snakeskin isn't dropped I will have a much faster result. I use super smash to kill the boss every time.
      Yes that is a good strategy for snakeskin. For shiny shards in Guardians crossing I found there is a better chance of getting them in the mighty stage. But I may be wrong about that since I haven't really tried a lot.
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    • dude just use your power up... it is significanntly lower just for that level for some wierd reason

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    • It turns out I was wrong about the shiny shards. After a bit more trying I  found out that they appear in Guardians Crossing similar to snakeskin in Skeletons Tomb and Typhoon gems in Writhing Cascade. It seems the most efficient way of farming them is to play normal level till you don't get them anymore. Then move up to mighty level and if you don't get them there move up to valor level. Then return to normal level and keep going. there is no need to waste resources on honor level and epic level. As it seems now you will get 2 wins on normal level, 2 wins on mighty, 2 wins on valor, then again 2 wins on normal, etc.

      Things seem to be different on Sparkling Steppes.

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    • I've had the most trouble with chimera talons, Phoenix feathers and wriggling roots. The drop rate for these seems to be lower then any others.

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    • The drop patterns may differ and change from time to time. In the Skeletons Tomb I found that sometimes the pattern is: dropped a few times in normal, a few times in mighty, a few times in valor, then a few times in normal again. But it happens the pattern is the other way around. So from valor to mighty to normal to valor etc. Sometimes the next step seems randomized. It will go from normal to mighty to normal to valor to mighty to normal or something like that.

      Usually one of the 3 lower levels will give the rare item, but today I had to go to honor stage to get Roc feathers in the Zephyr Plateau. It wouldn't give them anymore in the lower stages.

      A few directives for getting the rare drop items:

      - it seems there is always a level where you will get them at first try, be it normal, mighty, valor, honor or epic.

      - it seems useless to try again on a level if you don't get them the first time. So try at normal first en if you don't get them move on to mighty, then to valor etc. I may be mistaken about this because I may not have tried often enough.

      - once you get them at a stage, try again there. In my experience I always get at least 1 other set the next time once it gave rare items. It makes sense to keep playing the level as long as it drops rare items. Once the boss starts dropping more common items you better move on to another level. Usually it drops the rare items 2, 3 or 4 times in a row. But sometimes I get 8 or 9 snakeskin sets in a row from the same level.

      - Don't make mistakes. Don't let all your knights die in achieving the level. Just wait till your knights healed enough to win the next stage. Also make sure you finish the boss with a special attack every time. In my experience failing to do so breaks the chain. The boss will stop dropping rare items. If it happens you best follow the same procedure as always: play the level till the boss stops dropping the rare items and move on.

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    • Wriggling Roots is a special case - it seems that the drop rate is significantly lower than for other rare materials.

      Out of 20 Epic runs only 2 times dropped roots.

      I got more roots by defeating kraken in epic of lords castle.

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    • I have done quite a bit of wriggling root and roc feather hunting lately and it seems you are right that drop rates are significantly lower there. But I was more lucky than you in getting them. Still it seems wriggling roots are often only dropped once or twice in a row by a boss and after that you have to move on. Also the sequence is not neat like in Skeletons Tomb. And there seems to be a better chance of getting them in the epic level. In my experience Zephyr Plateau is about as tough on rare materials as Mighty Marsh is. Sometimes it seems the time I need to revive my knights resets the sequence and I have to look up the drop level all over every time. (I am at level 92 using 3 star + and 4 star normal armour at about level 52. Every attempt costs me a bit more than 2 knights.)  Can't say anything about Haunted Citadel because I haven't tried to clear that yet. I decided to do a bunch of quests first.

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    • ... And reviving my knights to their full 422 life points costs 141 minutes.

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    • Anyone having trouble with this boss i know i was best way to get wriggling roots is to go to epic stage of kingdom of darkness and finish it off with a night that is spirit and air. Only got 3 hydra scales drops in the time it took to farm enough wriggling roots to craft armor.

      Not sure if this works with all bosses having the right elements that are strong against it works much better for me. Hope this helps some players having trouble

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    • A Fandom user
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