The Dark Prince
Date Unknown - Unknown
Elements Spirit smallFire small
Shards Evil Jewels
Armor Dark Prince's Royal Armor
Nemesis Unknown
Special Stat Change None
Craftable Armor Stats Craftable Armor Image
Base per Lv Max
Dark Princes Royal Armor
Regular Attack trans 264 +9 Attack trans 885
Defense trans 252 +7 Defense trans 735
Plus Attack trans 292 +12 Attack trans 1120
Defense trans 278 +9 Defense trans 899


The Dark Prince is the main enemy in the game, and is the one who sends limited/staged bosses. He's a very strong prince and a very arrogant man.

The Dark Prince is also the final boss in the storyline, appearing only at the final stage of Kingdom of Darkness. He has two forms: his regular, human form, and a werewolf form. His human form has a mono Fire element, shown riding a horse and wielding a flaming sword.

Once defeated, he transforms into a dual element Fire/Spirit werewolf with a higher attack, defense, health, and larger sword than his previous form.

The werewolf creature drops either 2x Evil Jewels (rarer drop) or 3x Phoenix Feathers (usual drop) when defeated with a special attack. 12 Phoenix Feathers can be used to craft Living Flame Armor. With 10 Evil Jewels you can craft Dark Prince's Royal Armor.


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