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The Bigger Four Armors Are For Mid-Players. It Is Recommended To Get Epic Boss Armors Instead.

Epic Boss non-plus armors started passing the Bigger Four in stats around October 2013. Up to that time the Bigger Four were your best bet at getting to Epic Boss level 43 if you hadn't managed to get a better armor from chests.

The Bigger Four Armors Are:

Spectral Captain's Uniform Has Lower Stats Than The Bigger Four

Name Elements

Base Stats

Max Stats Combined Stats PIC
The Dark Prince's Royal Armor Fire


264/252 885/735 1,620
The Dark Prince's Royal Armor+ 292/278 1,120/899 2,019

Armor of the Infernal Lord



240/264 792/885 1,677

Armor of the Infernal Lord+

266/291 1,025/1,050 2,075

Swamp Shaman Robes



240/264 723/885 1,608
Swamp Shaman Robes+ 264/292 816/1120 1,936
Rocfeather Robes Spirit


264/252 747/735 1,482
Rocfeather Robes+ 292/278 982/899 1,881

It Is Recommended For Starters To Use The Big Four

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